Google should do something about Blank Google

Google Instant has created a type of Google result that I would never predicted. It's also stupid.

Quite often I cut'n'paste from the Google search box. I might do this if I'm using Google as a spellchecker or I might be being all search agency-like and am talking about keywords.

When I do this - removing the search from the search box - I encounter Blank Google.

Blank Google confuses me. Google is the biggest media property in the world and I find it showing me a blank screen.

Surely they could do something with this space?

Or is this an usability issue? Would putting anything here - like, gasp, an advert - cause confusion for too many of Google's core users?

I'm sure some people might be confused by Blank Google too. Surely there's a compromise to be found here. I mean; couldn't Google show me my iGoogle widgets? Or a Chrome like dial screen?

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