Should foursquare...

I'm writing this on blogger-droid, using a swype keyboard and thinking about foursquare. Its a sign of the times.

I'm a level 1 super user on foursquare. I can edit address details and I've made many corrections to their UGC.

I don't know if there are any level 2 users. They need to be more active if they're or foursquare needs to create some more. The database is riddled with duplicates and errors. They persist weeks after reporting them.

Foursquare has rolled out a sort of venue classification system - you can mark places as fast food or trains, etc. I think more is needed.

In particular, busy places like Padington Station in London are a mess. You have to scroll through dozens of micro locations in Paddington - like platforms - before you can find the generic paddington to check in to. The same for airports and to a lesser extent shopping malls.

I think foursquare needs a way to classify. Macro locations, or container locations, or holding locations.

Then we wonder about locations that move: mainly trains. Trains like the Gatwick Express are popular on foursquare but fragmented. On my Android geo-location device I have a Gatwick (and Heathrow) express for the airport end of the trip and on other for the station end. I could check into both.

Things get crazy when people start adding times to locations: "the 13:55 to York".

Should foursquare now start to think about more robust location rules to protect the user experience?

I think so.

Don't even get me started on the cheats. A report odd check-in pattern button would be nice.

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