Did Facebook just update the Like button widget?

I think Facebook just updated their simple "Like" button widget.

This is the button that can be dropped into blog posts, news stories, Foursquare venue profiles, etc. It's spreading out across the web because it's easy to install and is a fantastic way to help surface your content. You'll have seen that F
acebook is capable of driving a very large amount of traffic to your site if you've taken advantage of this feature and have the right sort of content.

I've been "Like" button pressing for a while. I'm pretty sure I would have noticed the "add a comment" option before if it had been around. That said; it's a little awkward. If you return to hover the button, after you've pressed it, then you're given the option to share with a comment.

You can try it for yourself with this Baidu profit surge story. It makes sense that Facebook has done this. I hope their Insights package starts to include snapshots of the comments these buttons produce... ah, but there we find privacy concerns.

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