Andrew Girdwood on digital marketing (today)

It seemed like a good idea at the time - we talk about the importance of video - but do we do it? One cheap video camera later and some of the muckymucks in our internal marketing department did this to me:

What did we learn? I can't sit still. A radio microphone would be a good idea.

What's debated: I think the best way to make this work are quick, easy and unofficial videos? I'd much rather sneak the camera to one of the offices and half-ambush an SEO Account Manager, or an Affiliate Account Manager, etc, and ask them some questions. It'll take a few minutes. It'll be noisy and crowded - but isn't that half the point? A real insight into a busy digital agency.

That's debated from those people who'd rather set up a controlled environment and concentrate more on quality.

I'll be happy if I can just replace that evil AdSense video in the SERPs. Hence the share in this blog post!

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