Brian Bremner is the face of Amazon UK support

Okay, the title of this blog post is misleading so let me explain.

I'm trying out Rapportive. Rapportive integrates with your Gmail to show you the social network status/presence of the people you're emailing.

It taught me that a large percentage of the emails in by inbox these days are from no-reply addresses at social networks and e-tailers. It's great for reverse blogger outreach though. When I get an email from a PR company or digital agency (generally in relation to another blog; not this one) I can see a little bit about the person emailing me and it helps me quickly workt out whether they're established or not (in one case; whether they're real or not).

Rather amusingly one e-tailer in particular doens't come up blank. As it turns out Amazon UK is on Bebo. Brian Bremner, in particular, is the kindly man asking me about my order.


I do see a growing problem with people using publicly known / corporate email aliases in relation to social media profiles. Sometimes you can't verify these addresses. Sometimes that doens't matter.

There's also the risk of false positive in with services like Rapportive. I'e used Xobni, for Outlook, in the past (unstalled because my Outlook is slow enough) and it would run the similar risk.

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