Nexus One Sprint - Google showing itself what to do

I was curious to see if Google's news on the Nexus One and the Android Alliance of Super Powers had caused any ripples on search frequencies.

Sure; social media was all a buzz with everyone talking about the news and the event but was anyone actually searching for the news? Where people going to Google with [nexus one] queries and a "What’s this all about?" attitude?

Sort of.

One of the hundred most popular searches from the US in the last few hours was "Nexus One vs Droid" as people looked for comparison charts.

Another term, one that’s peaking right now and marked as Volcanic by Google Hot Trends, is "Nexus One Sprint".

Simply put; people are checking to see whether the Nexus One is available on Sprint. You can shell out the cash for a SIM free version of the phone (as I’d likely do) but there’s no Sprint contract deal.

Google and co now have to debate whether they’ll bid on terms like this. Do they bid on Sprint’s trademark or do they phrase match with "Nexus One"?

Or could they even, well, do some other deal with themselves for the promotion of the phone?

Whatever happens Google now has to decide the best way to market a phone that can be used on all sorts of networks without annoying the networks even more.

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