Google launches centre for UK advertisers

Google’s just launched – and I’ve seen Googlers tweeting about it so I assume this is public news – a new centre for advertisers in the UK. It’s called Google for Advertisers.

The site has four clear areas; Insights, Creative, Media and Optimisation.

I imagine many advertisers will be drawn to the big, bold, red button – Creative. What? Google offering creative? What’s a heck of a ... oh, wait, this is a gallery of creative successes, of YouTube successes, in which the creative agency’s roll is clearly credited.

Here’s a sample for Footlocker which was produced with the help of OMD International

Whereas the Creative tab acts as an inspirational source for advertisers the rest of the site acts as guidance centre. It’s there to help map common advertiser problems, like “Where can I find out what consumers think of my brand?”, to Google’s solutions to each. Google’s suggested solution to that brand question is Google Blog Search - another nod towards the importance of social media and not just search.

In fact, the invisible tagline to the UK advertiser section on Google might be exactly that; “not just search”. Google now has a host of solutions and tools it is keen for agencies and in-house teams to use.

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