Yahoo CMO Elisa Steele defends the Y!ou ads

I quite like the eye candy of the new Yahoo TV ad. It's pretty. It has energy. It doesn't tell me why I should go to Yahoo (except to suggest it might be a funky place to visit) or what Yahoo does. Despite all that, I like it.

Industry pundits, however, have been rather more vocal in asking "What's the point?" and whereas I suspect Yahoo would want to add vidblogging to their marcoms anyway I do wonder whether I can hear some defensive tones in this one.

Had you noticed it was a different yodel at the end of the video? Hrm. Can't say I had - not because I'm deaf, just because it failed the "do I care" filter. It seems that last chat was for the employees of Yahoo rather than the external audience like myself. That's the challenge for this sort of public/private communication from Yahoo. They may call it an internal blog but, well, external people read it too.

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