TD Search – the new face of The Search Works

Years ago I ran the a Yahoo group for TradeDoubler affiliates in the UK. I was at University at the time, paying for my tuition with a combination of SEO and Affiliate Marketing. I ran the group because, amazingly, no one would be emailed when a new merchant joined TD. As I was going to the effort to monitor that data I thought it made sense to share it with other affiliates.

I closed the group when A4U made it redundant but I’ve always had a soft spot for TD in my heart since then.

In 2007 they bought The Search Works (and The Technology Works). BidBuddy, The Search Work’s bid management system, was swiftly rebranded to TD Searchware (or just Searchware) but not TD Search. Given that TradeDoubler talk about TD Affiliate, TD Campaigns and TD integral business there was the option for The Search Works to become TD Search.

Today that’s happened. The Search Works has been rebranded as TD Search. Well; TD Search in the UK and France, at least, so perhaps Germany is excluded.

If you hit the old The Search Works homepage today you’ll get redirected to the press release (It’s a 302 redirect, guys, please remember your SEO).

Here’s a snippet;

TradeDoubler Rebrands The Search Works to TD Search in UK and France

Final step in successful integration of The Search Works into The TradeDoubler Group, delivering unrivalled, seamless search management across 19 countries

London, 20 October 2009 – TradeDoubler, the number one pan-European digital marketing company, today announced that The Search Works in the UK and France will be rebranded to TD Search, effective immediately, bringing it in line with the rest of TradeDoubler’s TD Search businesses across Europe. The rebranding is the final step in the successful integration of The Search Works into The TradeDoubler Group, following one of the largest acquisitions in the online advertising industry in July 2007.

The rebranding also paves the way for future product expansion to leverage the Group’s technology investment under a single pan-European brand. In 2010, TradeDoubler will announce a number of significant developments, including the launch of its single platform to manage holistic digital marketing programmes across the major online disciplines in search, display and affiliate. The single platform will deliver more informed budget allocation, more effective campaigns and even stronger results for customers.

I guess what TD Search represents is the attempt to offer a new agency/solution to today’s heavily digital world. The TD press release puts the focus on technology and I have to wonder whether that’ll be the future focus for TradeDoubler.

It’ll be interesting to read what trade press make of the TD Search rebranding. I know quite a few peeps from The Search Works read this blog so I’ll just close by saying that I’ve always found a re-branding done right to be healthy and energising. It really is a chance to focus on the future.

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