I've been with Google since they were called GoTo.com

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Now and then I lurk on various Google Help forums. I sometimes actually help but often I enjoy reading what people are finding challenging. It's good agency insight.

Today I noticed a strong minded individual who's clearly a little confused about where Google's come from. He's got Yahoo's search origins in mind. The first line is the giveaway!

I've been with Google since they were called GoTo.com so I'm one of their first and most loyal customers. My last postpay bill was $588 when it is clearly stated that we will be billed every $500. I always alot for a bit of overage, like $540, but this was nearly $50 over that and it caused an overdraft and a late pay to other bills. Then, I tried contacting Google by phone (my preferred method) to no avail. If Google no longer provides any phone support I'm outa here and they can kiss my $35K plus per year budget goodbye. I dont' have time for texting in chat... it's too frustrating unless you're 16 years old, which I don't think many AdWords users are. I spend way too much money to be treated this way. Currently my entire AdWords campaign is shut down and I'm keeping it shut until they contact me by phone!

Anyone else onboard to stage a mass campaign pause to protest Google's new text-only customer service policy? Let's pick a day (or more) and pause all of our campaigns... it's the only way in this age to wake up corporate punks.

One of the top 5 complaints against Google in the help forums is that there is no way to contact them by phone.

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