Taking Google Latitude to Copenhagen for Search Marketing Strategies 2009

The few friends I've added to Google Latitude will be able to see that I'm currently in Denmark.

We've already had fun and games with GPS tracking being slightly off the mark. The first email response I got from a Google Latitude invite read;


I was, in fact, in a taxi driving along a coast road on the way to the airport. I'd noticed Google thought I was in the sea too.

Google often (or so it seems!) likes to release new toys whenever I'm away from the office or home (or internet connection). Today I was pleased they released a GPS tracking tool just in time for me to give it a really good test.

We can see the results already - dodgy GPS tracking can be funny. According to Google Latitude I never actually made it into Edinburgh Airport. I got near, then vanished and then turned up in Denmark about 2 hours later. At least, though, it tracked me to Denmark.

I'm looking forward to Search Marketing Strategies here. I have a keynote speach in the morning. Then I must remember to turn Google Latitude into privacy mode or turn my BlackBerry off before I go on to see one of large international clients based here in Denmark.

I do see Google Latitude causing some fights - especially among search markters. Why? Very often we're nice and friendly to one another but very often we suspect we're going to the same pitches. Careless use of Google Latitude will confirm that!

After my talk at SMS (I'm going to bang on about the importance of de-duplication, exposure to conversion reports and how to increase basket values through PPC and SEO synergy - what a way to open, huh) I'm going to be followed by Jason Calacanis. I think he's talking about all the noise and polution that's currently cluttering up the web in the form of HTML.

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