PRWeb UK launches during SES London

Search Engine Strategies was a good event to launch at. PRWeb now have a UK offering.

You'll now start to see the uk sub-domain out there in the wild.

The URL pictured is the first press release down the new system. There you'll find what PRWeb offers; anchor text hyperlinks, an embedded YouTube clip and a distrubtion channel to UK journalists. Like RealWire, PRWeb UK works with the Press Association.

Here's the PRWeb UK pitch as lifted directly from their own press release.

- Distribute their news directly to more than 450 publications through the Press Association as well as top local, regional and national media outlets
- Increase rankings on UK-based search engines - such as Google UK and Yahoo! UK through a search optimised UK platform
- Track and measure success with distribution analytics
- Include YouTube videos and other multimedia components to create a more vivid experience for readers
- Incorporate social messaging technology to communicate to an even larger audience

PRWeb news releases are distributed through search engines, RSS feeds and directly to tens of thousands of journalists and editors through e-mail.

I'll leave it to you to decide whether a UK specific sub-domain and links from it will help with Google UK ranking issues.

It's not easy being a new PR hub and PRWeb UK have a lot of work to do.

This screen shot shows emediawire ranking #1 on Google for PRWeb's own announcement.

In fact, PRWeb UK need to earn their place in Google News.

The launch of the UK site does interesting things to their 'main' site. Previously PRWeb has been an international English language PR hub. I would send news there if I wanted a UK audience to see it, an American audience or an international audience.

What do I do now there are two sites; the UK site and the International English minus UK site. Do I need to issue two releases where previously I did only did one?

The truth is out there. Much will depend on what PRWeb UK decide to do with their new sub-domain.

The trick will be to adopt your press release strategy to meet the new landscape. I'm one of the many people who dislike the push button, poor quality releases that are beginning to wreck the noise:signal ratio in the press release world. I would welcome a more precise and fragmented press release landscape. Let's get more tactical!

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