Intense Debate integrates with Joomla

IntenseDebate-logoImage by RDENit via FlickrIntenseDebate has announced brand new support for the ever popular Joomla.

This is a very good move for Intense Debate as Joomla's popularity is impressive.

Interestingly, this development wasn't an Intense Debate initiative as such - the plugin comes from Rocketwerx. From the user's point of view it doesn't really matter who developed the plugin as we're all pretty much used to third party WordPress plugins (although support is always better when the parent company is responsible).

This is the second bit of news from Intense Debate in as many days. Just yesterday they released v2.0.17 for WordPress. While I'm here I should probably point out that I may have been too harsh on Disqus as, after a bit of poking, the Intense Debate competitor also provides ways to start hacking the CSS presentation.

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