Upcoming.org's RSS; my fault or theirs?

I'm really not sure whether this was my mistake or a yellow card for Upcoming.org. The Upcoming.org RSS feed is one of the data streams which gets pulled into the bigmouth friendfeed and the newly set up (still in development) bigmouth tumblr account.

Imagine my distaste then when I saw a generic "Get Going with Upcoming this Summer" appear on our tumblr (where it'll make it way to twitter too).

As you can see it happened to the inspirational Brian Solis too.

As it turns out there are more than one RSS feed for your upcoming events. The RSS button on the left of your profile page is the 'combined events' stream. The RSS button on the right of the profile page is the 'events' stream.

The generic "Get Going with Upcoming this Summer" only appeared in the 'combined events' RSS feed and not the 'events' feed. Needless to say; I've switched over to 'events' from 'combined events'.

I'm not sure "Get Going with Upcoming this Summer" belongs in either though - why would anyone subscribing to an individual or company's Upcoming RSS want to get such a generic message? Imagine you've subscribed to a number of Upcoming RSS feeds? You'd get the same generic message dozens of times.


Anonymous said…
Hi there, I work for Upcoming.

That "combined" feed gives you everything, including site news. It's the most prominent RSS icon on your profile, so it does make sense that you would pick that, even if you didn't intend to.

Thanks for posting about it... profile pages are due for a rev sometimes soon I hope. Perhaps we can make it clearer what feed is what.

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