Google Really Messing up in the UK

You'll have read over at SERoundtable that a recent update of Google UK seemed to flood the results with Aussi results - lots of results.

Well. Look at this; the number #1 result for 'video' is That's Korea and not the UK.

It even looks as if Google are having to run AdWords to point users to Should someone point the YouTube people at Google's geo-targeting options on the webmaster console? Of course, there is no way Google's algo should link Korea is the best destination for UK searchers.

Also... notice those two spyware ads? For and Well that's an example of a company double serving which is against Google's AdWords T&Cs.

Also... and this is important; don't click on either of those two ads; both attempt to launch an .exe (and are probably a virus/spyware). This is also against Google's T&Cs.

Not the best set of results in Google's history.


Chris Cathcart said…
It seems your post may have rung a chord somewhere - The .cn ppc ads are no longer listing.

Good find
Andrew Girdwood said…
I did email Google before doing my blog post.

It's hardly taken them any time at all to get the ads pulled.

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