Skipping Twitter for Pownce

I know Twitter is popular with lots of you. Yep. I'm looking at you Lisa Barone. I'm going to skip it for now - although I reserve the right to to review that call. :)

I'm going Pownce instead. It just seems much more stable.

What disappoints me with Pownce right now is the lack of Facebook integration. I like the way Barry Schwartz coordinates his Twits with his Facebook Status and want something similar. I'd also like a way to integrate my locked LiveJournal account with Pownce.


Anonymous said…
I have to say that if you're looking for stability over community, then fine, go with Pownce. I've gotten a fair share of errors (even though I initially blogged that Pownce is better).

It depends what you're aiming for. Why would you use Pownce if nobody else does? It's like a ghost town. I use Twitter because of the community. There's no reason to go to Pownce unless you want to take notes with yourself.
Andrew Girdwood said…
Oh. Hello. Fancy meeting you here.

I agree. Pownce seems to be very empty. Even people I've found on Pownce don't seem to have noticed my friends request which leads me to believe they don't write often.

If Pownce did help me update Facebook and LiveJournal then the lack of people there would be, slightly, mitigated - as it would act more than a central hub.

I suppose I'll have to wait and see whether Pownce wins anyone over from Twitter. I skipped bloglines and went straight to Google Reader and that worked out well for me!

Thanks for your input though. Your comments on Pownce were actually some of the evaluations I had in mind when I picked Pownce... so it's great to have your view here!
Anonymous said…
"I suppose I'll have to wait and see whether Pownce wins anyone over from Twitter."

If my blog post review shows anything, it should have indicated that Pownce did win me over at first. Then I moved back to Twitter.

People went to Pownce. If you go back to a few months ago when it was in private beta, Pownce was bustling with activity. Not anymore.

Nobody as of late is going to Pownce. In fact, if you've been reading people's tweets, most have resigned to Twitter. And I don't blame them. :)

Personally, I use twhirl ( to manage Twitter. It's a lot nicer than the Twitter interface and is lightweight and stable. It works when Twitter does, and yes, Twitter does hiccup at times.
Andrew Girdwood said…
Did you delete your account? I can't find you. Maybe you're there... but in stealth ninja mode! :)
Anonymous said…

I just haven't logged onto it in ages. For all I know, they deleted me for inactivity...

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