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Wow. I’ve been tagged. Tagged by Bill Slawski too. Bill gets the dubious honour of being the first person to tag me via my professional blog.

So, which magazines do I read? Like many in the Search World I read almost everything online. This week, however, two stalwarts of the gaming industry have come to a close. Dragon and Dungeon magazines are both being discontinued. If you’re geek enough (which we should all be) you may well know both of these publications. Dragon comes to an end at issue #359.

Despite Dragon’s death I’m claiming that as my first mag.(I have the press release from Paizo and Wizards of the Coast about the closure if anyone wants it)

The next two magazines are easy. I travel a lot. London 9am meetings are the norm - and I live in Edinburgh.I do read industry magazines. In the UK there isn’t a magazine like Search Marketing Standard. I’ve read SMS a few times – thanks to free copies sent from America. My readership of SMS is pretty much coupled with what we, as an agency, might do in the States.New Media Age is, as the name suggests, about ‘new media’. It’s about brands and online marketing. I read it for a number of reasons. One of which is Will Cooper – who, in my opinion, is the “Danny Sullivan” of reporters who write about search to the “mainstream marketing” community. Does that make sense? The link above for NMA links to Will Cooper reporting from SES New York. I think that proves my point. Name any other magazine reports who flew from London to New York for SES?
Another “mainstream marketing” magazine that tends to write about Search and Affiliates. In fact, you can download their Search Marketing Supplement [pdf], laugh at how the adverts have been mangled and flee in horror when you see which blogger pops up from time to time in it.

(I feel like noting that I’m a fan of Brand Republic online and subscribe to their RSS.)

Oh yeah. I supposed to tag five more people... but meme's have very short lives. Anyone who's studied evolutionary computing (I love it! Google should try and grab a trademark on the term or something) will know that it is sometimes healthy for a spreading gene to meet a dead end. [fin]


Anonymous said…
Hi Andrew,

My name is Boris Mordkovich - I'm the Publisher of Search Marketing Standard.

I saw that you mentioned our magazine in this post and I'd like to offer you a free International subscription.

Just email me your address (through the contact form on our website) and I'll make sure you receive a complementary subscription.

Glad you like it!

Andrew Girdwood said…
Thanks Boris! Very kind! :)

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