I support Matt Cutts

Ah-ah. Lots of SEO people normally like to reinforce how much they like Matt and how they got on well with him. I've only personally spoken to him a few times at SES this year - and I'm not going to claim anything more than that. What struck me was how pleased he was to talk to other search engine programmers but also webmasters.

I've not been afraid to be unpopular with this blog and say that I support nofollow. I even pushed the boat further out by explaining why link sellers are taking a risk. I imagine that if this blog had a higher readership then I would have had more angry comments.

It should come as no surprise that I wholeheartedly support Matt's post to encourage people to report paid links. Use the spam form (authenticated or not) and include "paidlink" in the text body.

A lot of people are hostile to this. Why?
  • They've sold campaigns to clients and explicitly said they would buy links - now they're exposed
  • They've convinced themselves that some paid links are appropriate - I think this is the most common one
  • They make most of their money buying or selling links
  • They need to buy links in order to get their SEO to work
The thing to note is this - Google's guidelines have said that ethical agencies report spam. They have said this for a while.

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