How to share and archive your Vines or Instagram vidos to Flickr and YouTube

Now that Vine has come to Android and Instagram video has launched I’m filming more videos. I’ve nothing, clearly, against Vine and Instagram as platforms but neither a great for embeds and or shares outside their parent platform.

Fortunately there is a solution.

I use an HTC One. I assume that most Androids are similar and predict the iPhone and WP8 is different. Whenever I film anything in Vine or Instagram then I also get an MP4 of the video saved in my local gallery. This means Android users can tap their menu button and access the gallery "app". On my HTC One all Instagram stuff is saved in a "Instagram" album.

For a Vine video the re-share is easy. Just access the video, hit the menu button and then share. If you’ve YouTube or Flickr apps installed on your phone then you’ll be able to share to that platform.

(A 4 second Ouya unboxing, unlike Vine, Flickr does not loop)

The catch is with Instagram videos and Flickr. Instagram saves in the .mkv format and will rarely be larger than Flickr’s various size limits. However, mobile upload attempts fail complaining about size and desktop attempts dislike the file format.

Sharing the Instagram .mkv to YouTube is easy though.

(Sample Ouya game play, with live internet radio streaming provided by the same device)

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