The incomplete Google Direct alphabet

Google Direct could be huge. It could train millions of searchers to put a +sign before a brand term and speed their way directly to an official Google+ Page.

Google Direct has been out for less than 48 hours, for many people, at this point in time. It's perhaps a little too early to check out the Google Direct alphabet but I thought it would be interesting to see how it unfolds and whether it'll be a first-come-first-win battle.

Some disclaimers: these searches happened on, from an Edinburgh UK IP address and with personalised results on.

As you can see - there are some big letters that are still to score a single Google Direct connection.

Fox News and Phoenix Suns are the current leaders. Geeks will notice that DC Comics aren't in the top two for D (they're third) but Marvel makes it in for M. Let the very rough comic wars continue!

Happy hunting!

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