Eric Schmidt's MacTaggart summary and stats

Eric Schmidt visited my home town to talk to the Edinburgh International Television Festival. It's an hour long lecture that starts at about 35m55s.

There are some interesting stats and trends from the presentation.


  • Globally 40% of Google Maps usage is mobile
  • 2 hours of YT video footage uploaded every minute from mobile devices
  • 48 hours uploaded every minute
  • 15% of searches are unique; every day
  • Average copyright removal time; 4 hours


  • Mobile, local and social - Google's trends
  • On demand
  • Recommendation engines

  • Social layer - such as Hangouts Google+, mutual watching
  • Will always be demand for realtime TV
  • Personalised ad models for TV - applying the first time air premium to indivual audience members rather than broadcasts

UK Insight

  • UK is the per capita ecommerce capital of the world
  • UK struggles to grow large companies

The video

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