The £10,000 Twitter bet made and won by @poultrykeeper thanks to you

When I first saw PoultryKeeper as a retweet in my timeline I joined in the fun. I hit the retweet button too. I knew nothing about the count, suspected it might have been some obscure specialist retailer but it turns out to be a hobby site.

I've seen the tweet re-entire my timeline on a few more occassions. Here's the original.

It's safe to say that the boss is not going to collect on his £10. In fact, I wonder if he'll honour the bet at all. Twitter says more than 100+ people have retweeted the deal. gives us some extra insight. Some 386 "influential people" joined in the retweet messaging. The total number of retweets? Topsy estimates that at 20k.

What can we say? How about: well done.

Don't be one of those bosses.

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