Bottom bar wars

Once there was a toolbar battle. Companies like Yahoo paid companies like Dell big bugs in order to ensure that their toolbar was pre-loaded on Internet Explorer.

That battle as moved to the bottom of the screen. Right now you've social sites like Meboo that provide code for bloggers to enhance the very bottom of their screen with a bar, that remains on the bottom of the web page as users scroll down, with a host of social functions. Meboo is just one of many.

While checking out the new Digg Newswire I encountered yet another bottom bar clash. This is happening more and more. You'll have seen it for yourself. Digg's own bar is covered up by the Google Related bar.

Yes, Google is suggested that Bollywood videos and Hindi Movie web results are a good match for the news feed from Digg. It needs so much work.

Also in the corner, on the left, is OneTrueFan's bar - this appears due to the OneTrueFan widget I have installed. Once OneTrueFan had a bar that stretched across the bottom of the web page too but the agile startup took the wise decision of moving it to an unfolding, left-handside roll out, that retracts into the green flag. The green flag is smart enough to position itself above most bottom bar wars.

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