Facebook Places video

Facebook is in the process of rolling out Places to the US. It's both frustrating and understandable that they're taking this approach.

After all, when "The Face Book" was born [Side note: I wonder how much we'll be hearing of Paul Ceglia in the future] it rolled out from colleges first.

However, it's frustrating because I can't be the only person in EMEA or APAC that wants to have a go with the latest location based service. The last thing I want is an American written backdrop to the world. I mean; are American users of Facebook Places currently touring my home city of Edinburgh, enjoying the Festivals, and are they able to record this four in Places -- or is Places also just restricted to American Places? If it's the former then does this mean we'll find the initial entries on Places will all be American.

The internet isn't divided up by the geo-political boundaries that the real world is.

Facebook do have a video that talks about Places. Sadly, it doesn't shine much light on the nuts and bolts of the rollout.

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