Dear Google, thanks for your concern but Russia is not in Europe

Google has every reason to be worried about what's going on wit internet regulation in Russia. It's getting nearly as still as the state of internet regulation in Australia.

They've blogged about it.

They've blogged about it in their Europe Policy blog. I get the fact that Europe cares (a lot) about what Russia does (or doesn't do). Russia isn't in Europe though.

My feeling is that Google didn't think the American readership/world would care enough about the Russian internet woes to do a company blog post but still wanted a channel to comment on the issue. The EU blog was the next best thing.

Just in case; I've prepared a helpful diagram for their legal experts.

(Update: Google map image used without permission. If there's a copyright claim, please let me know, I'll move to hosting in Russia)

(Update 2: Yes, yes, there are some smart people out there. Russia does have a seat on the Council of Europe - but not the EU, etc.)

(Update 3: Ooh. What a debate about politics, geographic, geo-politics, historical boundaries, etc. @thetafferboy points me at this map which shows one European land mass / Asian land mass split. Russia straddles both.)

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