Mocking Murdoch? Look at the share price

Lots of people are weighing in today on Rupert Murdoch' apparent suggestion that he'll pull News Corp newspapers out of Google. Of course; this may well be a bluff or an over simplification but it's been enough for thought leading bloggers to use headlines like Epic Win. I was actually over at Boing Boing for the first time in a million years to read up on the news.

Do you think he's crazy to say "Thanks but no thanks!" to all that traffic? Think he'll make more money from a much reduced impression count for his ads (perhaps trying to push premium inventory only sales) and subscription models than he'd otherwise?

Shares on News Corp are rising sharply today. Looks like investors, wheelers and dealers don't have the same view on news and content discovery as we not-so-humble digital fellows do.

How did the share price fair over the full day? It was a bit of a bumpy ride but the overall direction was - up.

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