Thoughts on the new Yahoo Ad

I quite like the new Yahoo Ad. It's lively and fun.

I'm not sure what it says about Yahoo other than it's a million miles away from search - and that's probably the right direction for Yahoo.

Actually, it seems to all be about social networks (the passing on of the kiss) but Yahoo still don't have their social network worked out beyond Yahoo Messenger. I think Yahoo may have been more social back in the day of Geocities and little yellow smiles embedded into fan pages that showed you your friends were online.

The one thing I'll say about the ad is that it's very ethnic. I noticed three strong British images; the London Underground (or perhaps that's a tube station anywhere but we do have a black brolly and brief), football (with the roundball) at Tower Bridge and even a Union Jack at the end.

Makes me wonder whether we'll see this ad on UK TV. Think it'll be redubbed if it does air?

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