Disgusting Google scam loose on Twitter

I've seen some pretty annoying tweets but this one takes the biscuit. The message reads "@AndrewGirdwood Have you heard Google was hiring people to work from home? pretty cool i thought http://dwarfurl.com/1f291"

If you follow the link you'll end up on AJobWithGoogle.com

This page claims that Google is charging $2 for “work at home kits". Nonsense. Once you have your “Work at home kits" you'll get paid for posting links to Google. The exact quote is; “I get paid about $25 USD for every link I post on Google and I get paid every week"

And on the $2 shipping cost; “Google says this charge is made to cover shipping costs but also to separate the people that are serious about working with them through this program."

As readers will know I'm thoroughly against buying links. I report spam when I find it to Google. I don't understand the grassroots mindset of not reporting spam and spammers when, as an SEO professional, you find it.

Inaction can be as bad as tacit support. When professional athletics think one of their number is cheating - they make sure you know about it. I've seen Olympics with protest banners before.

That's the pride I want to see in the SEO community.

That's why hideous scams like this, designed to take money from the vulnerable, make me sick.

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