Google up to something with Sony?

PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad - Close UpImage by William Hook via Flickr

This is one of those posts where I need to remind readers that this is just my personal opinion. If I had inside insight on this subject then I’d be under NDA and couldn’t/wouldn’t be writing about it.

Mashable’s Barb Dybwad recaps that Google Chrome will now be bundled with Sony Viaos.

Bing and Xbox are clearly related through Microsoft. It’s already possible to log into Messenger via your Xbox (unless, like me, you can’t sync your two accounts due to weird Microsoft rules).

Wouldn’t PlayStation be tempted to look at that flank and ensure they had something in place to protect them?

I’m not just talking about Google Talk integration with Sony’s PlayStation what about media streaming. Google has a media server. The PlayStation is, I think, the best of the consoles for watching streaming videos/api files, combine that with it’s Blu-ray abilities and the forthcoming library of on-demand movies and its pretty powerful.

Do we see a future where Google provides a cloud of data – movies, pictures, communication services and Sony provides a non-Microsoft powered device by which to access that data?

I do. Do you?

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