Is this the most influential website in the UK?

Is this the most influential website among Twitterati elite in the UK?

This is the website for one Mark Clayson. Mark is big on Twitter.

I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter ranking sites. On the hate site - I absolutely have no care, concern or desire to know what their algorithms think about me. None.

All they seem to do is encourage people to DM me with "You've overtaken me! You bastard!" or "I've overtaken you! You bastard!".

However, I find these sites useful in finding other Twitter users in local geographies or even who the crowd think is worth following (and I'm aware there's something of a contradiction there). In particular I like to look at the rate of follower growth that some charts provide. If someone's had a spike of interest I like to find out what/why/who caused that spike.

So, let's go back to Mr Mark Clayson. The ever popular Twitter Grader ranks Mark Clayson with an impressive 100/100. He's one of only four people in the UK to achieve the feat. He beats the GuardianTech, TweetDeck and Chris Garrett to the first place.

I don't know Mark at all. I'm sure he's a nice man. I'm not following him though and I'm not following him because of that site and after a quick glance at his tweets. Twitter Grader tells me he's doing well despite that website. It doesn't tell me anything else.

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