Google promotes their own missing link

The news story of the day must be the discovery Darwinius masillae. Is this the missing link in evolution that we've been looking for?

I think this is the first time it has happened by Google updated their homepage logo to highlight the news.

Clicking on this image from the UK takes you to a web search result for [missing link].

Do you know what? They're not that good.

You've got to scroll down to the Google News cluster before you get any really user friendly and up to date results.

Whereas this is a great plug for Universal Search - it really shows the power - you have to wonder why Google simply didn't link straight through to Google News (or even Blogsearch. Both Google variants have had a lot of attention lately. Surely this would have been an even better way to showcase how Google News drives traffic to newspapers who produce good web content?

I suspect Google simply didn't think about it. The web search logo only ever links to web search results. Google News is a different team. It was good that Google updated their logo quickly but perhaps a sign of factionalism that they couldn't cross-link between products.

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