Google's EMEA structure

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

With Dennis Woodside leaving his position in 'UK, Ireland & Benelux' to replace Amstrong I've noticed that some people are confused why Google even has a 'UK, Ireland & Benelux' concept.

Heh. To be honest. I've even seen a thread where some people where trying to find Benelux on Google Maps! First off; Benelux isn't a country! It's three. It's the name given to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

In Google language we're talking about EMEA Region 1 here. Here's the rest of them.

  • Region 1 - UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • Region 2 - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway
  • Region 3 - France, Italy, Spain and Portugal
  • Region 4 - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Greece and Romania
EMEA, by the way, stands for 'Europe, Middle East and Africa'.

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