Tumblr's Pharma Spam Problem

I've rather fallen in love with Tumblr. It's just so easy. The bookmarklet is a brill way to 'bookmark' links, videos, quotes and pretty much anything.

In fact, I've started the process of putting together a big mouth tumblr. It's not that easy; I've someone working on a skin. I keep on toying with the intro text; there's so much to say it often out-weighs the summaries of posts tumblr draws in via RSS.

It's also pretty easy to see that tumblr has a spam problem. It's free, easy and quick - it'll therefore attract spammers. The screen grab on the left is the first set of results from a site:tumblr.com search and its dominated by pharma spam.

The spam's pretty easy for Google to spot. The first result there is for brchildreinftyleno.tumblr.com/ and that's simply a doorway page with JavaScript redirect. I'm surprised Google still lists the sub-domain in the site: search. If you think Google ranks most important pages first in the site: search then perhaps tumblr is cause to re-consider.


Tomski said…
Hey man I love Tumblr too I just came across this cool site that lets you post their smileys direct to your blog with ease its pretty cool SmileysI hope that people don't start using Tumblr to spam its a great site and imo better than Twitter
Anonymous said…
Interesting that a post on Tumblr's spam problem has one reply: a spam post on a smiley-s service. :)

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