Five Points of LoudTwitter Etiquette for LiveJournal

My oldest surviving blog is on LiveJournal. The first post there dates from 2002. I love LiveJournal as it has a great community feel. Friends who know nothing about Search, Display or Affiliate marketing post there and I stay kept up to date with what's going on.

Recently a question that I'm seeing asked there is; "What's with all these tweets?"

There's no reason why your average LiveJournaller should know anything of Twitter and certainly not LoudTwitter.

LoudTwitter used to take each tweet you made and post it as a separate blog entry to LiveJournal. It annoyed the hell of out of me. If I wanted to subscribe to your twitter stream then I would. I didn't like it when people brought a micro-blogging activity stream into my personal space/full blog attention area that was LiveJournal.

Then LoudTwitter made one simple but huge change. Instead of posting each tweet at a time it posted all of your daily tweets into LiveJournal (or other supported blogging platform) as a summary. I find this very useful! Rather than buzzing me with micro-blog posts in a full-blog environment I'm given a handy update of what someone was up to for any given day and that's exactly what LiveJournal was supposed to do.

That said; there are some etiquette suggestions that I'd like to make!
  1. Pick a post time near midnight. Anything else is confusing and mis-leading.
  2. Turn off @ replies. They belong on Twitter and not LiveJournal.
  3. Hide the status link. They belong on Twitter and not LiveJournal.
  4. Consider leaving both the beginning text and ending text options blank. They'll quickly become cumbersome, unnecessary clutter that gets in the way of the heart of the "LJ summary"
  5. Change the Post Title occasionally to keep the LJ side of your twittering fresh.


Anonymous said…
I say keep the ending text with the link inside!
Anonymous said…
All the etiquette in the world doesn't make LoudTwitter posts on LJ any less annoying.

You said it yourself: if we wanted to read your Tweets, we'd follow you on Twitter.

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