The I's have it

The letter "i" is hot in search. Loads of firms want to be i-this and i-that. Sounds easy... but is it? Let's try ranking agencies by the number of times they manage to use the letter I.

Five Is
  1. Site Visibility
Three Is
  1. Netizen Digital
  2. Vivid Lime
  3. Efficient Frontier
Two Is
  1. Bigmouthmedia
  2. iCrossing
  3. Equi-Media
  4. Euston Digital
  5. Golley Slater Digital
  6. Resolution Media
  7. Altogether Digital

One I
  1. Latitude
  2. Media Contacts
  3. Zed Media
  4. Greenlight
  5. DBD Media
  6. Net Media Planet
  7. Stickyeyes
  8. Sitelynx
  9. MediaCo
  10. Click Consult
  11. Harvest Digital
  12. Clicks2customers
  13. Strange Corporation
  14. Coolpink
  15. iProspect
  16. Rusty Brick
  17. I-Spy
  18. iLevel
No Is
  1. The Search Works
  2. Steak
  3. Cheeze
  4. Guava
  5. VCCP Search
  6. Propellernet
  7. Profero
  8. TBG London
  9. Tamar
  10. 77Agency
  11. Ambergreen
  12. Netrank
  13. AccuraCast
  14. NetBooster
  15. Bruce Clay
So! Well done to Site Visibility and their mad collection of Is!

Disclaimer: This list is very British cos I put it together at about midnight and used the NMA list as inspiration. Plenty of Is in inspiration.


Anonymous said…
You could also do an i-ratio; the number of "i"s to the rest of the letters in the company name:

Bigmouthmedia 11:2
Site Visibility 9:5
I Spy 3:1

Oh boy, it must be Friday if I'm about to express things as fractions. I'll quit while I'm ahead. :)

Also, can you assign value to "i"s? Is a company more/less successful if they use it more or have a high ratio?

Now that I've cemented myself as an über-nerd... good post.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Ambergreen's full name is Ambergreen Internet Marketing. So we did manage 2 "I"s... :-)
Anonymous said…
Similarly, Netrank are officially LBi Netrank (

It seems increasingly unavoidable to have products with an i- at the front as well.
Anonymous said…
It's good to see we're number one... and while we're boasting about the number of i's
We're tehcnically known as sitevisibility a division of ai digital, which has even more
Unknown said…
the i's have it, as they say.
Anonymous said…
No i-love for Altogether Digital, with 2, or a ratio of 17:2? For shame Andrew, for shame!

Andrew Girdwood said…
Oh yeah! That's Altogether Digital added! (Blame the NMA!)
Anonymous said…
Now that we at SiteViz are part of ai-digital there will be no stopping us.
That is 3 x i in 9 letters or 33%. LOL.
My company is called 'Cyber Time Solutions' and i specialise in cheap web design and it has 2 i's in it and i do ok on the search engines

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