It's been a good day.

First I noticed that the Mercurythread blog liked the new bigmouthmedia 'top secret' PDFs. That's important to me because Mercurythread has worked at a competing local search agency.

Sometimes. Not always but sometimes you can get the most insightful comments from people operate in the same space as you. I'm sure Mercurythread has observations on what we're doing wrong too but it's nice to see what we might be doing right.

Next up! Google is in the news again here in the UK because it's won first place in the Great Place to Work Institute. Here's the good news - bigmouthmedia also made the list. What the Institute does is rank the top 10 and then put the next 40 companies in the general 'Top 50 list'. That's where we are - and for the second year in a row.

Guess we have to work out what to do better next year!

It's also graduate night here in Edinburgh. We've an office full of job seekers (people we've invited in after talent scouting at some trade fairs) and we've got loads of hopefuls.

I handed out a questionnaire to the grads and look forward to tallying up the results!


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