Live Blogging - good, bad or what you make it?

There's been a bit of banter today on Twitter about live blogging and conferences. One side of the line argues that live blogging is a threat to speakers - all of a sudden the speaker is sharing their IP with a wider audience than just the conference attendees. The other side of the line points out that the speaker is putting their information in public anyway - conferences often make the presentations available online, anyway.

I'm interested in this topic for two reasons, 2) conferences are no longer a place to go if you're already in the industry and are hoping to learn and 1) live bloggers can decide the fate of products.

At an event like E3 there is a lot of live blogging and micro-blogging. Manufacturers have to make a good first impression on the the live bloggers or risk FAIL messages zooming around the internet. I'd say that bloggers could make or break some products within seconds of their launch. Seconds.

That's a scary thought, huh? How long before we see digital marketing agencies / search / social marketing agencies lining up to offer stage and presentation advice? Here's how to launch your product during this expo and in such a way as to encourage positive live blogging.

By the way, I tried live blogging SES New York this year. It's hard work! I managed to do a few sessions. I took notes, re-wrote and published during the breaks. I was exhausted. I've no idea how people like Lisa Barone have the stamina and typing accuracy to make it through the three (plus) days!


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