Microsoft promotes Skull Worship

MSN's popular searches currently include one for Skull Worship.

Have the cannibals taken over at Microsoft?

No. Well; probably not. We may have a US game show that's asked a question about Skull Worship (ah, Indiana Jones - I think you're to blame for this one) and the MSN-using / game-show-watching demographic overlap has gone out and searched for the answer.

Or... it could be one of the search suggestions at Indy Search.

The suggested 'winning' searches may have been enough to move the needle on MSN's over all search volume. That would suggest that Indy Search is being a hit for MSN Live and for Lucas Films.

Of course, if you're cynical you might wonder if this is a 'paid for popular search' - but that honestly that seem unlikely. There's probably not a strong enough tie between skull worship results and the film's search positions in MSN yet.

As a PS; a good place to go look for the 'Big US Game Show Effect' is Google's Hot Trends.


Anonymous said…
Indy Search, search gives you a fine result.

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