Decentralised Profiles

I've spent the entire weekend and all of today in Edinburgh. Woo. Rare. As a result I've spent a little time tending to all the decentralised profiles bigmouth has grown over the years.
  • Flickr - With pictures from SES uploaded and some more from Norway's ski slopes to appear tonight
  • Twitter - New! I fell to Twitter during SES New York thanks to Jennifer Laycock so now bigmouth has too.
  • Upcoming - Where you can expect to find bigmouths roaming around, talking, eating popcorn and handing out teeth.
  • big clever - It doesn't look like its getting updated very often but one of the Edinburgh based teams run a branded blog!
  • delicious - Used to tag lots of external news about is; good news, comments, award wins, etc

It takes a while! We've products like FriendFeed to try and help tie all these profiles together. I don't suspect it'll take long before we start seeing corporate alternatives.

In particular, Flickr really needs help understanding that big companies might want to use it. Right now we're a set of rules within marcoms which govern the type of photographs that can get uploaded, who gets the password, etc. A Google style MCC would be nice!


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