bought for $75m

TNS bought Compete for $75m.

Wow. I wonder if Alexa is valued at $75m.

TNS have a product called 6th dimension which is a large marketing intelligence panel of about 1m million users in the States. I imagine they'll merge/integrate into that.

I can only hope that Compete's normal service via continues as normal. It may just have been a branding tool (which worked very well, given how TechCrunch backed it) so I guess there's a risk that the service there will be cut back a bit or, more likely, we don't see any new developments to draw our attention.

I also note the lack of news on about the deal. Nothing in the blog yet - which explains why TechCrunch and the SEM blogs haven't yet picked up on this.

Update: Ah. Here it is's blog post. Looks like I was right about the 6th Dimension tie in.


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