O2 commissions made-for-mobile drama series

O2 is a big mobile carrier in the UK. They have the iPhone contract. They're part of Telefónica.

O2 has just signed one of their first (probably of many) made-for-mobile content deals. I blog about this with this with Tuesday's post questioning whether content or communication is king on mobile.

Certainly it seems that O2 are lining up their ducks. iPhone users might ask; "Now what?" after they've played with the device and it might just be that a mobile drama series will suit that big screen very well.

Big names are involved in the drama (which will be called Cell) - Endemol UK and Mobstar Media. Endemol are the people behind the infamous Big Brother TV show. I've never watched Big Brother but I may watch Cell just so I can be part of the premiere.

Do you know the big problem with being clever and calling the series Cell? That's right - it'll be a bitch to rank for. If you search for [O2 Cell] or [Endemol Cell] you'll get a bunch of results about mobile/cell phones.

I'm on O2 so my mobile will be able to get this. I'm interested in how they're going to announce this to me. An SMS seems most likely. If you're not on O2 - fear not - the series will be shared with other providers and aired online after O2's customers have had the first chance to view it.

Is this a first? Not really. It just seems like another significant step forward and another increase in the heat around mobile content and mobile marketing.

It's worth noting that Endemol is doing pretty well with its mobile content. They've already had a fly-on-the-wall mobile series which followed the pop band the Sugababes.

One thing I've noticed is that many SEO blogs aren't covering the growth of mobile content very well. This is will be partially due to the differences between European, American and Canadian mobile usage. European mobiles (oh, I mean; cell phones) tend to be closer in technology to the latest Asian mobiles (or are a Nokia or Sony Ericsson in the first place). A high percentage of European users are pretty close to being mobile power users too.

My prediction for bloggers most likely to cover this story are: Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim as the site does well to cover a broad range of digital topics and Barry Schwartz who may well have an iphone tag on his personal blog.


Anonymous said…
"Shout out" bait - gets me to a site every time. :-)

Hmm, will we cover this. Not sure it's big enough news. It might make a Pilgrim's Pick. ;-)

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