Ian McAnerin on SEMPO

Ian McAnerin has an interesting post today. He's noticed that SEMPO are now insisting that their members are White Hat. He writes;
Interesting. Not that I have any objection (I think it's great!) but I distinctly remember there being a fair amount of controversy about SEMPO not requiring it's members to agree to not be spammers. It was one of the main reasons I help found the SMA-NA.

Heh - maybe I *can* work with these guys. It's certainly a step in the right direction. There is no indication of any kind of enforcement, so it's not perfect, but a couple of years ago you would not have seen this, and it would have created a huge controversy if you had. Maybe our little industry really is starting to grow up.

I would echo his thoughts. Interestingly, one of my first concerns with SMA-UK was that its first draft of members included a notorious doorway page SEO firm.


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