NMA adds Social Buttons

The NMA (New Media Age) is the UK based magazine which is read by marketers and brand managers and is most likely to write about Search. two of my top three journalists write for the NMA. Ergo, I'm a fan, a paper subscriber and an RSS subscriber.

Today I noticed shiny social media buttons in their RSS feed.

Not bad. Could do better though. The social button just links through to a big MediaFed decision page. Whereas MediaFed has many advantages I'd much rather hit the Newsvine button and submit to Newsvine. It's a little annoying that I can indicate from the RSS feed that it was Newsvine I was trying to submit too but then have to try and find the Newsvine icon in the MediaFed cloud and click again.

Hopefully NMA will get the figures from MediaFed's stats which show there's millage in including social media buttons in the RSS feed. They might add a slightly more sophisticated system. That would benefit the ecology of search bloggers as Will Cooper, NMA's Search writer, had the scoop on Google's gambling ad policy in the UK and was first out with the BFP story. In other words, there is an online audience that the NMA could/should target in Search Bloggers that social bookmarking will reach.


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