Three Steps to Heaven*

Three Steps to Heaven* (*Greater Online Conversion).

I'm just back from the speaking at the afore mentioned expo. I'm not sure if "expo" is the right word; perhaps "private conference" is better. Webcredible, Omniture and bigmouthmedia treated a collection of each other's clients to a series of short presentations. You guessed it; search engines, usability and web analytics were on the agenda.

It's good to see how people who've got their head around metrics (Omniture's clients) click quickly to SEO or usability. It's good to see how people who've seen the importance of usability are quick to understand the concepts of search marketing and web analytics. All in all, I'd say the synergy there was good!

In other news Doctor Dave Chaffey has posted a short interview with me on his first class e-business site.


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