SEM agencies in the UK - A Google Bird's eye view

I'm drinking chili beer. This might be why I've decided to blog a "Google bird's" eye view of Search Marketing agency offices in the United Kingdom.

It's interesting to see who has offices where Google Maps has high resolution / close up images and who is yet to benefit from the close ups! It's also quirky to see just how nearby some agency's offices are!

I also have to say that the green arrow is often in the wrong place. Google gets near (ish) but its common for the wrong building or block to be selected.

The agencies, off the top of my head, are listed in alphabetic order. If you want added to the list then give me a buzz!

Ambergreen - Edinburgh

bigmouthmedia - Edinburgh

bigmouthmedia - London

bigmouthmedia - Manchester

Greenlight - London

I Spy - London

Latitude - London

Latitude - Warrington

Neutralize (*\*) - Cornwall

Propellernet - Brighton

Spannerworks - Brighton

The Search Works - London

The Search Works - Shropshire

Weboptimiser Media - London


Anonymous said…
You should try windows live maps, it often has much better resolution than google maps.

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