Client wins to be proud of

I'm just back from London and wading through my Google Reader feeds. I've noticed a pair of client wins to be proud of.

Zed Digital won Yahoo's search marketing campaign (taking it from Carat). The Yahoo deal is probably worth around €20,000,000 or €15,000,000. We didn't pitch (I think Isobar and eSearchVision did) so this isn't (too much) sour grapes but it would be good to see a full search agency get the search work from a search engine in the future.

I think Yahoo would be a great company to work with. A Y! on the roster would be shiny-shiny indeed! One of my first lecturers at University, a hippy gone academic, once wished the class a "profoundly funky weekend". For some inexplicable reason I know associate that lecturer and the phrase "profoundly funky" with Yahoo! My first ever credit card was a purple and yellow Yahoo branded card (via the Halifax).

In other news, also of kudos clients, I noticed that MPG picked up the £20,000,000 BBC online account. I'm not sure if that includes search. I'm not sure if the BBC does search (but I do recall a BBC Shop affiliate scheme). MPG beat Mediaedge:cia and ZenithOptimedia (who own Zed Digital) as well as PHD and Carat - so I can imagine it was a tough fight! Oliver Milman, over at, tends to be good and include all the agency details in his write ups.


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