Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beyond the Search Box

Last week Criteo ran a fantastic event in London that looked at the evolving Display landscape and how the media mix was changing.

The opening note came from Russell Davies, Head of Planning at R/GA London, and was fantastic. He ran through a handful of thoughtful examples of the expanding connectivity the world offers.

In particular, I found the colour stealing robots in the window of Uniqlo to be charmingly cute in their theft. Those robots feature in a 4 minute video from Dentsu London. Hmm, okay, perhaps some of this video is rather deadpan in presentation but I think the whole thing is worth a watch (the Uniqlo bots are towards the end).

I've put my own collection of slides up on Slideshare. Not sure how much sense they make without heavy notes but I think the overall suggestion of a vision is there! I was asked to talk about search beyond the search box and how to get more value from your search campaign if your own efforts had started to plateau.

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