The HTC One's Zoe is ideal for Google's new Auto Awesome

At Google I/O yesterday Google+ enjoyed a wave of updates. I've always been fond on the network, especially the communities and it feels like Google is making steady progress with the platform. I suspect most people will have the new edition already but, if not, I posted some screenshots of new plus last night.

One of the new features is Auto Awesome. This is an automatic layer to Google+ that improves photos and one of the features is Auto Awesome motion. If Google detects you've uploaded five or more similar photos in a row then it'll (may) animate them.

As it happens, the HTC One has a feature called Zoe which takes a short video/series of still images in an "uber burst". When you have auto sync on then all these images are uploaded from your phone to Google+. It's been a bit quirky until today. Now it has a practical application.

The HTC One's Zoe feature makes it easy to trigger Motion Photos in Google+. There's a sample below... and you'll see it's not quite right.

The car is clearly out of phase. Now, as it happens, the motion photo has been created in the order the pictures were uploaded. This screen grab shows what I mean. So it's not as if the Auto Awesome decided to drive the car in a crazy way. The snafu here seems to be in the order the HTC One with Zoe passed the pictures over to Google+ for automatic uploading.

It's also worth noting that the image is given the file name "IMAG0162_ZOEVIDEO-MOTION.gif".

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