A quick look at augmented reality in 2011

Do you think 3D TV will eventually take off? I'm not sure - but if it does it will go in one of two directions; without glasses and with glasses. Right now, 3D glasses are the most popular. If a glasses free 3D option becomes popular then you might imagine people start wearing anti-3D glasses, especially useful for driving in case advertising screens or shop window displays go 3D.

If you can see a future in which people commonly wear 3D glasses then that's a future in which people commonly wear augmented reality glasses. That will certainly be a tipping point for augmented reality. It'll become common place.

In this half of 2011 most augmented reality is mobile. The booming smartphone market is responsible and we've some very impressive mobile aps. Blippar is one.

Sony recently uploaded an augmented reality demo to their Japanese YouTube channel. It's called "SmartAR", once again it makes some us of mobile devices but its the actual augmented effects that are especially stunning.

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