Clicky building a CDN that supports SSL with your domain name

Image representing Get Clicky as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase

I’m a fan of the analytics provider Clicky (aff link). Why? One reason stands out above all others – Clicky gives you real time stats. The spy mode lets you watch the traffic come in and if you’re blogging for real-time search reasons (which I do elsewhere) then this is vital.

Speed is also vital. Analytics tags slow sites down; just a little but it does happen. In order to speed Clicky up; they’re building a content delivery network.

Clicky have decided to build their own CDN for two important reasons;

  1. They can’t find a CDN that supports SSL with your own domain name.
  2. They want to deliver tags via JavaScript for backwards compatibility reasons.

Right now, all Clicky are asking for are recommendations on lease servers. You can pop over to their blog to leave a recommendation.

Not only is this a project worth watching; it’s a project worth supporting.

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